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How to Turn your Android device into iPhone

Turn Android into iPhone without rooting or flashing custom ROM. Install iOS on Android phone with our easy step guide. Android phones are famous due to their open source nature which makes them easy for customization. However, if you are looking for a brand, then Apples iPhone

How to Use Omegle Video Chat on Android

Do Omegle Video Chatting on your Android phone without Root. As we all know, Omegle is a widely popular website known for its best chatting platform. This free online chat website connects you with random strangers from all across the globe without the need to register. And

How to Download Paid Apps For Free on Android

Download paid apps for free on Android. Today Apps can let you do just about everything on your Android device. With an app, you can listen to music, play games, find locations, watch videos, chat with friends and much more. Similar to Apple, Google has its own

How to Fix USB Device Not Recognized error for Samsung Phones

‘USB Device Not Recognized’ is a error that you might have gone through once in your life. It is a really frustrating situation when you aren’t able to transfer files between phone and PC just because your Android phone is not recognized or detected by your computer.

How to Download and Install Samsung USB Drivers on Windows

Samsung USB Drivers is a software that you need to install on a computer for allowing your Samsung smartphone / tablet to get easily connected via USB. With the USB Drivers, you can easily perform various operations like transfer of files between Samsung device and PC, use

How to Unlock Bootloader of One Plus 3T

How to Unlock Bootloader of One Plus 3T. After the tremendous success of One Plus 3, the One Plus company decided to roll out its successor: the One Plus 3T in November 2016. The new device looked exactly like its predecessor with only few minor upgrades. The

How to Unlock Bootloader of One Plus 5

Last year with One Plus 3, the OnePlus company has finally made a strong impact on the Android world. Just because of its amazing specs, the One Plus 3 ruled the Android market and users had a new brand to fall in love with. There’s no One

How to Unlock Bootloader of One Plus 5T

Its been hardly five months when the One Plus 5 was launched, and now it already has a successor: the all new One Plus 5T. We can say that the One Plus 5T is an incremental upgrade to the amazing One Plus 5. But the company claims

How to Download and Install latest Google Apps (GApps)

How to Download and Install latest Google Apps (GApps). Most of the stock ROMs come with pre-loaded Google Apps like Google Play Store, Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Google+, Google Search, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Sync, Google Voice, Google Music and much more. Most of these apps can even be

How to check Processor of your Android Smartphone

As we all know, a Processor is an integrated electronic circuit that performs various calculations like arithmetical, logical, input/output (I/O) and other basic instructions that are passed from an operating system (OS). Similarly in a smartphone, the processor executes operations that delivers all system capabilities needed to