Twitter Now Lets iOS users to Record and Share the Spaces Sessions

February 2, 2022
Twitter Spaces record and share Spaces

Earlier this month, Twitter made Spaces available to all users across the platform. And the company continues adding new features to Space. It’s like organizing an interactive session wherein people join your event, listen to you, and, if needed, they can raise a request to participate in the discussion. Now, Twitter has given the ability to Space organizers to record and share their session recordings, even after Space has ended. It is indeed good news for the listeners as well.

The company announced the recording feature for Spaces via an official tweet. As per them, the recording feature is currently available for a few hosts on iOS only. Once the Space ends, any of their followers can “listen and share the recording from the Spaces card.” Have a look at the tweet below.

iOS Twitter users get the first impression

This is how it will work: Once the feature is available for eligible hosts on iOS, they will see a new “Record Space” button during the Spaces setup page. They can toggle it on before starting their Spaces session. Once the session begins, the app will record the entire discussion. Also, a recording icon will appear for everyone, including the live listeners, in the Space.

Following the session, hosts can share the session recording on the platform for their followers to access or share it with fellow Twitteratis afterward. Listeners will have a choice to play pause, speed up and down buttons while listening to a Spaces recording. Additionally, the seeking bar, text caption, and a share button will also be available to the users. Potentially, it could increase the number of followers for the hosts in the long run.

For the hosts, the recording will be available to share for a month. During this period, they can delete it anytime. However, Twitter says it will keep a copy of the recording on its server for 120 days to check for any hateful content, which hints that Twitter might allow hosts to revive the recording in case of accidental deletion. Also, if some user reports a specific space recording within two months, Twitter will check it for any policy breach and take action accordingly. It could be another reason for them to keep recordings for the additional time.

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