Google Reveals Android 15 Codename: Vanilla Ice Cream

May 21, 2024
  • Android 15 codename confirmed as Vanilla Ice Cream.
  • The tech giant still uses dessert names but only for internal purposes.
  • Mishaal Rahman reported Android 15 details, found in Android’s Trade Federation code.
  • Future Android 15 updates might include developer previews and beta releases.

The Android 15 Developer Preview 1 has just been rolled out for Pixel devices, and yes, I’ve already installed it. It’s official: the Android 15 Codename is ‘Vanilla Ice Cream.’ As expected, Google continues its tradition of dessert-themed Android versions.

Are you still trying out Android 14? Even though Google released it just a month ago, they are already working on something new. Well, there is still time for the Android 15 Beta update, which will let us know what features this version offers. Yet, the tech giant is already looking to the future.

Android 15 codename “Vanilla Ice Cream” revealed

Android 15 codename is Vanilla Ice-cream

Although there have been rumors about the Vanilla Android 15 codename, Google has finally officially confirmed it as “Vanilla Ice Cream.” This confirmation is not based solely on whispers; it comes directly from a screenshot on Google’s developer website, where the Android Gradle plugin code clearly shows the upcoming version is Vanilla Ice Cream.

tradefed Android 15 codename vanilla ice-cream

We know that Google loves to name its Android versions after dessert names. For example, “Upside Down Cake” codename for Android 14 and “Tiramisu” codename for Android 13. When the tech company did not mention any dessert-themed name for Android 10, many believed that it was the end of a long-standing tradition. However, users later discovered that Google still gave Android 10 a codename, Quince Tart, for fun within the company.

With the upcoming Android 15 version, Google continues its playful practice, of course for internal use only. Many users are eagerly waiting for the Android 14 update on their phones. Meanwhile, the developers at Google are already working on the next version.

Mishaal Rahman of TeamB58 was able to figure out the Android 15 codename because of changes made to the Android Trade Federation (Tradefed/TF) code. He mentioned that the company is working on new features and enhancements.

Therefore, if these features do not appear in the current Android 14 build, there is a strong possibility that they will launch with Android 15.

You can notice that there are new changes in the Android Trade Federation (Tradefed) code. It clearly shows that Android’s testing framework has been updated. Moreover, this code directly mentions the Vanilla Ice Cream name. However, it doesn’t reveal any new Android 15 features.

What do you think about the new Android 15 Codename? Should Google bring back its tradition of officially using dessert-themed names and not just for internal use? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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