Mitron vs TikTok: Features, Reviews, Is Mitron App Fake?

June 19, 2023

It seems that the TikTok controversy is not over yet. Just when the Chinese app had started to crawl back its ratings, a new rival has arrived in the market. Mitron, a new Indian TikTok competitor has gained in popularity with over 5 lakh downloads in less than a month. The TikTok controversy started when a video posted by Faizal Siddiqui, a self-proclaimed social influencer on TikTok, went viral. This video was accused to encourage acid attacks and violence against women.

This highly impacted TikTok rating as users started a trend to ban TikTok in India. Moreover, people also started giving one-star ratings along with negative reviews on both Google Play and Apple App Store. Due to the massive public outrage, the TikTok rating dropped from 4.5 to 1.2 stars on Google Play Store. However, Google has passively played an important role in improving the average rating of TikTok. They have deleted millions of one-star ratings to restrain spam abuse.

Mitron vs TikTok

What is Mitron App?

With the massive drop of TikTok and the ongoing anti-China sentiment, people are now searching for the TikTok alternative Indian app. And this is where Mitron comes into play. Mitron TV is a short video-making application that has similar features like Titktok. In this app, users can create a short 15-second video and earn followers for their content.

Mitron vs TikTok

Let’s check out the difference between TikTok and Mitron TV.

1. User Interface

  • Since the Mitron App is a replica of Tiktok, its design and user interface are the same.
  • Moreover, the templates used in the app look similar to the one in TikTok.
  • As soon as you launch these apps, both of them show their respective logo.
  • Once you enter into the main screen, the layout of Mitron as well as TikTok appears to be the same with options like Home, Discover, Inbox, and Profile.
  • The only difference is that TikTok has a ‘+’ icon, whereas Mitron has a video camera icon to record and post videos.

2. Home Section

  • Under Home, both the apps show an identical layout to scroll and check out videos from different creators.
  • You can also see the profile picture, heart, comment, and share button on the right side of the app.

3. Discover

  • The Discover page of TikTok shows videos from top creators, trending hashtags, and popular music as per your mood.
  • Since Mitron does not have any famous creators yet, it simply shows random hashtags in the Discover section.

4. Record and Customize

  • To create a video, TikTok offers a ‘+’ icon at the center; where you can record a video of a maximum of 15 seconds.
  • Along with that, it also provides massive customization options.
  • You can easily edit, crop, flip, add emoji stickers, face filters, AR effects, timer, beautify, flash or change the speed of your videos.
  • Unfortunately, Mitron neither provides duration to record a video nor it has any video editing feature like edit, crop, or filter option yet.
  • This is a big drawback for the Indian app.

5. Music Library

  • TikTok offers a built-in music library, where you can add music or dialogues to the videos.
  • It also comes with a search option to explore your favorite songs.
  • Mitron provides a limited soundtrack and there is no option to search for different audio clips.

6. Inbox

  • TikTok also has an Inbox section, where you can view all your profile activity including likes, comments, mentions, and followers.
  • Unfortunately, Mitron is currently facing technical issues on the Inbox page.
  • It is not functional and takes a much longer time to load after which the app crashes.

7. Profile

  • Finally, the profile section in TikTok offers an option to add a name, username, and profile picture.
  • Besides, you can even add your Bio, Instagram as well as your YouTube account.
  • Whereas, Mitron only provides an option to edit the name, gender, and bio.
  • So, this is another area where Mitron has to work hard to compete with TikTok.

8. Availability

  • Mitron TV app is currently available only for Android smartphones and tablets.
  • You can easily download and install it from Google Play Store.
  • On the other hand, the Mitron iOS app is yet to be rolled out.
  • However, with its increasing popularity, the Mitron iPhone app could soon be made available for Apple users.

9. Compatibility

  • Mitron App is compatible with Android version 5.0 Lollipop and up.
  • On the other hand, TikTok works on older phones with Android 4.1 JellyBean OS.

10. Sign-in Options

  • In TikTok, you can sign-in using your phone number, email id, Facebook, or Google account.
  • Sadly, Mitron allows only Google account to log in.
  • However, you can still check out the content without signing in.

11. App File size

  • Mitron App is a space-friendly application as it occupies only 7.9 MB of the mobile storage space.
  • Whereas, TikTok requires a massive storage space of 98 MB.

12. In-App purchases

  • TikTok includes in-app purchases that range from 99 cents up to $99.99.
  • These allow you to buy coins that can be further used for digital gifts that you can send to other users.
  • Mitron App currently does not have any In-App purchases.

13. Website and Privacy Policy

  • TikTok developers have mentioned their official Website, along with feedback and privacy policy pages on the Google Play Store.
  • However, Mitron has neither published their official website, nor their terms of use and privacy policy.

14. Google Play Store Rating

  • TikTok’s rating on Google Play Store is now 4.4 stars which is a massive improvement from the previous 1.5 stars.
  • This is because Google has deleted millions of negative TikTok reviews to restrain spam abuse.
  • The Mitron app has 4.7-star ratings currently with millions of positive reviews.

Is Mitron App Fake?

As we know that Mitron is just a TikTok clone app with similar features in every aspect. The homepage, navigation buttons, and menus, everything is an exact copy of TikTok. This means that the Mitron developers haven’t actually developed anything in the app. Apart from the copy, what’s really worrying is that the developers have not published privacy policy or end-user agreement. Also, the privacy policy link on the Google Play Store redirects to a website called which is a blank page. All these factors do raise the question of whether the Mitron app is fake or not?

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