Root & install Clockworkmod (CWM) recovery on Samsung Galaxy Core i8262 with the article given below. This device runs on 1.2 GHz dual core processor with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Android OS. Its specs are much similar with the famous Galaxy S2 with a camera resembling that of the Galaxy Ace. Its design is somewhat like Galaxy S3 and has dual Sim functionality. With such good specs and much better hardware compatibility, it can easily handle the newly launched Android versions. But how long can you wait for the Samsung to officially launch them. Till then you can enjoy all those latest features via third party custom ROMs. Of course you need to root your device for that which will in turn void the device warranty. But don’t worry as it can be regained by un-rooting the device. In this article we will see a detailed procedure on how to root & install Clockworkmod (CWM) recovery on Samsung Galaxy Core i8262.The CWM custom recovery is needed to flash different custom ROMs, kernels, for taking nadroid backups, wiping data, cache and much more. Although it seems to be much difficult, but when you’ll attempt every step by step given below, you’ll realize that its the most easiest one. So with no much wait, let’s move to the actual procedure on how to root & install Clockworkmod (CWM) recovery on Samsung Galaxy Core i8262.

Galaxy Core-CWM-screenshot

The procedure given below for rooting & installing cwm recovery  on your Samsung Galaxy Core i8262 is much risky and may permanently damage your device, if not attempted correctly. The Android users who are quite familiar with this procedure and have a complete knowledge regarding this stuff, they can proceed further. But for the newbies who are completely un-aware of this thing, we recommend you to stop here. If in case your Galaxy Core gets damaged or bricked by following this article then we will be not responsible for that. Although the chances that your device will get damaged are least, but still I highly recommend you to follow all that is given below properly and without attempting anything by your own.

Note that this procedure is only compatible for Samsung Galaxy Core having the model number i8262. Performing this on any other device or variant will result into unwanted outcomes or bricked device. So you must verify your device model number with the given number above from Homescreen–> Menu–>Settings –> About Phone.

  • Rooting will void your device warranty. But don’t worry it can be easily regained back by un-rooting you device.
  • Backup all your data including Contacts, SMS/MMS, call logs, notes, APN settings and copy it somewhere for safety. This is essential as in the last step of this procedure you need to wipe all the data present on your phones memory.
  • There is always a risk of interruption during the flashing process due to lack of battery power. So make sure that the battery of your device is charged at least upto 70%.
  • Make sure that the Mobile specific drivers are installed on your Computer. You can install the same by installing Samsung Kies or manually install them from the link given below:
  1. Download latest Samsung USB Drivers.
  • Enable the USB Debugging mode on your device by following the path Menu->Settings->Applications->Development->USB Debugging.

Procedure to Root Samsung Galaxy Core i8262

Download files:

Download Framaroot-1.6.0.apk


Step 1: After downloading the framaroot apk file given above, connect your device to PC and copy that file on your device SD card via USB cable.

Step 2: Now you need to enable the unknown sources option for the installation of apps located in the settings on your phone. So navigate to the Menu->Settings->Security->Device administration and enable the Unknown sources option.

Galaxy Core-CWM-Framaroot-screenshot-1

Step 3: Using a File Manager, navigate to the location where you’ve copied the Framaroot app on your device earlier. Tap on the apk file to start installing Framaroot on your phone. As the installation completes, you’ll see the Framaroot icon in your app drawer.

Galaxy Core-CWM-Framaroot-screenshot-2
Step 4: Click on that icon to launch the application. The main screen of the framaroot app will somewhat look like this:
Galaxy Core-CWM-Framaroot-screenshot-3
Step 5: You need to select any one action to perform after the rooting process. There will be three options for doing that: Install Superuser, Install SuperSU and Unroot. Select Superuser/SuperSU.
Galaxy Core-CWM-Framaroot-screenshot-4
Step 6: You’ll also see some exploit options on the screen. Tap on Gandalf.
Galaxy Core-CWM-Framaroot-screenshot-5
Step 7: Wait for a second. If the device gets successfully rooted, then a popup message will appear on the screen. Refer the screenshot.

Galaxy Core-CWM-Framaroot-screenshot-6

Step 8: Reboot your Galaxy Core.

Step 9: After the phone gets completely booted, navigate to the apps list. You’ll see an app named Superuser has been installed n your phone. This will confirm that your device is properly rooted. This Superuser app supervises each application that requires a root access.

Galaxy Core-CWM-Framaroot-screenshot-7

Note: If you are not sure whether your Galaxy Core is successfully rooted or not, then you can try this Root Checker App to confirm it.

That’s it! You have successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy Core i8262.

Procedure to install Custom recovery on Galaxy Core

Method 1: Flash Clockworkmod (CWM) recovery using Odin


  1. Download CWM recovery for Samsung Galaxy Core i8262.
  1. Download Odin v3.07 Multi Downloader for Galaxy Core i8262.


Step 1: Download both the above files in a specific folder on your computer. The Odin that you’ve just downloaded is an essential tool & is must for installing Clockworkmod recovery on any Android device. We remind our users that this tool is an illegal way & is not officially released by Samsung. Even though it will not cause any damage to your device unless you follow the instructions properly.

Step 2: Power off your Galaxy core completely. You need to boot your mobile into downloading mode now.

Step 3: For Galaxy core, downloading mode can be entered by pressing & holding Home button + Volume Down key + Power button simultaneously until you see a warning message.

Step 4: Leave all the three buttons as soon as it appears. And just press the Volume up button to land into downloading mode.

Step 5: Now you need to flash the CWM recovery on your device. For that keeping the device in download mode, connect it to computer using the USB cable.

Step 6: Launch the Odin Multi Downloader v3.07 that you’ve downloaded earlier. If your device is connected properly, then you’ll see that an ‘Added’ message has been appeared on the Odin window. Along with that you’ll see the ID:COM section has turned blue with a random com port number below it. If this doesn’t happen, then ensure that proper device drivers are installed on your computer. You can install them from the link mentioned above.

Galaxy Core-CWM-Odin-screenshot-1

Step 7: Make sure that the Auto-Reboot and F.Resest Time options present on the Odin window are checked. Do not tick or un-tick anything else.

Galaxy Core-CWM-Odin-screenshot-2

Step 8: On the Odin window, click on the PDA tab and browse to the ‘Galaxy-Core-CWM-recovery.tar’ recovery file which you have downloaded earlier & select it.

Galaxy Core-CWM-Odin-screenshot-3

Step 9: After completing everything as mentioned above, simply press the Start button located on the Odin window to execute the CWM flashing process. Your phone will automatically reboot itself while going through the process. It is recommended not to touch or remove the USB cable until the process completes.

Galaxy Core-CWM-Odin-screenshot-4

Step 10: Be patient until the CWM flashing process completes. It will hardly take 2 minutes to complete. As soon as it completes, you’ll see the ID:COM section on the Odin window is turned green with the message ‘Pass’ below it. Now you can safely remove the USB cable.

Odin-showing-pass-message Galaxy Core

Note: Unfortunately due to some reason phone if the process fails or if Odin gets stuck or in case your device gets boot loops, then don’t panic. Just close the Odin window, remove and re-insert the battery from your device. Again go into downloading mode and repeat the whole procedure as given above.

Step 11: As all the flashing processes are completed now, let’s see whether the CWM recovery is properly installed or not. For that, firstly switch off your Galaxy Core.

Step 12: Now boot into recovery mode. For Galaxy Core, recovery mode can be entered by pressing & holding Volume Up key + Home button (Middle button) + Power button simultaneously until you land into recovery mode. You’ll notice that Clockworkmod Custom recovery is properly installed on your device.

Step 13: Now select ‘Wipe data/factory reset’ option followed by ‘Wipe Cache partition’ option for wiping out the data & caches present onto your phone memory. You can now reboot your phone by selecting ‘reboot system now’ option from the recovery mode itself.

That’s it! You’ve successfully installed Clockworkmod Custom recovery on your Samsung Galaxy Core i8262. Now you can install Custom ROMs, take nandroid backup, wipe data/cache and much more.

Method 2: Flash TWRP Recovery using Odin


  1. Download TWRP recovery for Galaxy Core i8262.


Use the same Odin method given above for flashing this TWRP Custom recovery on your Samsung Galaxy Core i8262. This touch recovery can be flashed if in case you face any problem with the CWM recovery mentioned above in method 1.

Method 3: Flash CWM recovery using Flashify Android app


  1. Download Flashify Android App.
  1. Download recovery.img.


Step 1: Download and copy both the given files on your Galaxy Core.

Step 2: Install Flashify Android apk file.

Step 3: As soon as you launch it, Superuser will ask for permissions so grant them. In case such thing doesn’t happen better check your device is rooted or not.

Galaxy Core CWM Flashify App Screenshot 1

Step 4: Select Flash option and click on the recovery image option.

Galaxy Core CWM Flashify App Screenshot 2Step 5: Next, select the choose the file option.

Galaxy Core CWM Flashify App Screenshot 3

Step 6: Navigate to the recovery.img file which you’ve just downloaded and copied in your phone and select it.

Galaxy Core CWM Flashify App Screenshot 4

Step 7: The app will ask is it sure to flash recovery, just select Yup to start the flashing process.

Step 8: That’s it you’ve successfully flashed CWM recovery on your Galaxy Core i8262. To verify this boot into recovery by pressing & holding Volume Up key + Home button (Middle button) + Power button simultaneously until you enter the recovery.

Bugs: The display size of CWM is incorrect but it can be still used without any problem. Also you need to mount system every time otherwise device take bootloops in recovery.

Note: After successfully flashing the recovery do not click on reboot now from the flashify app because by doing so you’ll face boot loops in recovery. Just close the app and manually reboot your phone.

You can refer our article for flashing the latest Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean XXBNC1 firmware on Galaxy Core i8262:

  1. How to update Galaxy Core i8262 to the Official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean XXBNC1 firmware.


Finally! You have successfully rooted & installed CWM recovery on your Samsung Galaxy Core i8262. You can now change & view the system settings, do nandroid backup, flash custom ROMs, wipe data/cache and do much more. This article is made as simple as possible. Still if you have any doubts, queries or suggestions regarding this article then do tell us through the comment section below. We’ll try to sort out them as early as possible. Till then enjoy! 🙂

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