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May 21, 2024

Located in Shenzhen City, Umidigi (earlier known as UMI) is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer company. They provide premium metallic phones at a pocket-friendly price tag. It is growing in the market by giving competition to OnePlus and Xiaomi. In this guide, we’ll download and install Umidigi USB Drivers for a proper and secure connection with a Windows-based PC.

You’ll always need the Android USB Drivers to connect mobile to the PC successfully. Although phones today come with advanced features, there are still times when you need the assistance of a PC. Whether transferring files, backing up phone data, or flashing stock ROM, a computer is essential to perform these functions. Moreover, the company does not provide Umidigi PC Suite for any of its Android smartphones and tablet.

Download Umidigi USB Drivers
Download Umidigi USB Drivers

Hence, it becomes essential to flash Umidigi USB Driver to recognize your phone by the PC. In this tutorial, we’ve shared a full list of Umidigi mobile phones and their respective device model numbers. Besides, these USB Drivers are compatible with all the versions of the Windows operating system. Additionally, we’ve also mentioned a detailed, easy steps installation guide.

Download Umidigi USB Drivers Latest Version

Here is the complete list of Umidigi USB Driver download links.

Umidigi Device ModelUSB Drivers
UMIDIGI A7Download USB Drivers
UMIDIGI A7 ProDownload USB Drivers
UMIDIGI S5 ProDownload USB Drivers
UMIDIGI A3XDownload USB Drivers
UMIDIGI A3SDownload USB Drivers
UMIDIGI Power 3Download USB Drivers
UMIDIGI F2Download USB Drivers
UMIDIGI A5 ProDownload USB Drivers
UMIDIGI XDownload USB Drivers
UMIDIGI PowerDownload USB Drivers
UMIDIGI F1 PlayDownload USB Drivers
UMIDIGI S3 ProDownload USB Drivers
UMIDIGI F1Download USB Drivers
UMIDIGI One MaxDownload USB Drivers
UMIDIGI A3Download USB Drivers
UMIDIGI A3 ProDownload USB Drivers
UMIDIGI Z2 Special EditionDownload USB Drivers
UMIDIGI OneDownload USB Drivers
UMIDIGI One ProDownload USB Drivers
UMIDIGI Z2Download USB Drivers
UMIDIGI Z2 ProDownload USB Drivers
UMI IronDownload USB Drivers
UMI ZeroDownload USB Drivers
UMI EMaxDownload USB Drivers
UMI TouchDownload USB Drivers
UMI Touch XDownload USB Drivers
UMI HammarDownload USB Drivers
UMI Iron ProDownload USB Drivers
UMI SuperDownload USB Drivers
UMI PlusDownload USB Drivers
UMI FairDownload USB Drivers
UMI DiamondDownload USB Drivers
UMI Rome XDownload USB Drivers
UMI Diamond XDownload USB Drivers
UMI LondonDownload USB Drivers
UMI Plus EDownload USB Drivers
UMI MaxDownload USB Drivers
UMI ZDownload USB Drivers
UMIDIGI Z ProDownload USB Drivers
UMIDIGI Z1 ProDownload USB Drivers
UMIDIGI C NoteDownload USB Drivers
UMIDIGI SDownload USB Drivers
UMIDIGI A1 ProDownload USB Drivers
UMIDIGI GDownload USB Drivers
UMIDIGI CrystalDownload USB Drivers
UMIDIGI Z1Download USB Drivers
UMIDIGI S2 LiteDownload USB Drivers
UMIDIGI S2Download USB Drivers
UMIDIGI C Note 2Download USB Drivers
UMIDIGI C2Download USB Drivers
UMIDIGI S3Download USB Drivers

Download USB Drivers


Download USB Drivers

How to Install Umidigi Driver on Windows

  1. Download and extract the file.
  2. On your computer, open the Control Panel settings.
  3. Furthermore, launch the Device Manager section.
  4. Single-click on your Computer Name mentioned at the top.
  5. Besides, open the Actions tab, and click on the Add legacy hardware option.
  6. This will open a Welcome to the Add Hardware Wizard installation window.
  7. Moreover, click Next and choose Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced).
  8. Again press Next, and click on the Show All Devices option.
  9. Now, tap on the Have Disk option.
  10. Browse and open the Umidigi USB drivers setup file (.inf) from the extracted folder.
  11. Finally, click Next to begin the USB driver flashing process.
  12. As soon as the process completes, a successful message will show up on the screen.
  13. Just click on the Finish button and reboot the PC.

Great! This is how you can download and install the Umidigi USB Drivers for all models. Feel free to ask your queries or suggestions in the comment box. Thank you!

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