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Install Android 4.4.4 KitKat CM11 on Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

After Google unveiled the latest Android 4.4 KitKat version along with their most awaited Nexus 5 device, there were many Android users who wanted to experience this latest firmware. But due to some vast specs and features that this firmware had, it was impossible for every smartphone to be compatible with it. So only a few lucky ones got an opportunity to experience this firmware officially.

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And yes I am talking about the flagship devices here because those are the only ones who can hold such devastating firmware. When we look at some low-end devices like Galaxy Y, they will never get such updates due to the lack of hardware and RAM compatibility that these phones have. Of course, there are many custom ROM available that can give you the experience to enjoy these new features.

Talking about the aging device Galaxy Y, this device stopped getting official updates a much long time ago from Samsung. That’s why the Galaxy Y users turned towards the third party custom ROMs to feel the newly launched android versions. But after Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, even the android developers stopped providing further custom ROMs for this device which created much disappointment amongst the users.

And this time finally with great efforts the developers have succeeded in developing the latest KitKat flavored Android 4.4.4 Cyanogenmod 11 ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360. This is great news for the Y users who waited so long for this one. Without wasting a single minute just proceed further for the actual Android 4.4.4 KitKat CM 11 ROM installation process. This CM 11 ROM is in its initial stage and has many bugs and issues in it. But with further stable updates, all of them will get fixed.


Install Android 4.4.4 KitKat ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 screenshot
Install Android 4.4.4 KitKat ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 screenshot
Install Android 4.4.4 KitKat ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 screenshot
Install Android 4.4.4 KitKat ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 screenshot
Install Android 4.4.4 KitKat ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 screenshot
Install Android 4.4.4 KitKat ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 screenshot
Install Android 4.4.4 KitKat ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 screenshot


Proceed at your own risk. We at Droid Thunder will not be liable for any damage whatsoever. Do not perform anything on your own.


This CM 11 ROM is only for Samsung Galaxy Y with the model number GT-S5360. Do not flash this unofficial custom firmware on any other device or variant. It might result in unwanted outcomes or a bricked device.


  • Ensure to charge your device to at least 60%.
  • Backup your contacts, accounts, messages, apps, etc before moving further.
  • Also, enable the USB Debugging mode from your phone settings.
  • Backup EFS folder present in your phone’s system directory.
  • Install Samsung USB drivers on your computer.
  • Root Samsung Galaxy Y and install CWM recovery.


Android 4.4.4 KitKat CM11

Google Apps

Steps to install Android 4.4.4 KitKat CM11 on Galaxy Y S5360:

  • Connect your phone to the PC and transfer both downloaded zip files on your phone’s external SD card.
  • Disconnect your phone from your PC and switch it off.
  • Enter your phone into recovery mode now.
  • For doing so, switch it off. Then press and hold Volume Up key + Home button + Power button simultaneously.
  • Once you enter the recovery, make a complete Nandroid backup of your current ROM.
  • Let’s proceed to the actual Android 4.4.4 KitKat CM 11 ROM flashing process.
  • Return to the main menu of recovery mode and navigate to the ‘install zip from SD card ‘ option and select it.
  • Then on the next screen select the ‘choose zip from SD card’ option.
  • You will see all the files & folders present on your external SD card.
  • Simply go to the CM 11 ROM zip file which you’ve copied earlier and select it using the Home button.
  • Press the ‘Yes’ option on the next screen to initiate the flashing process.
  • Wait until the process is completed fully.

Install Android 4.4.4 KitKat ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 screenshot

  • Select ‘wipe data/factory reset’ option followed by ‘wipe cache partition’ option. This will clear all your data & caches from the phone’s memory respectively.

Install Android 4.4.4 KitKat ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 screenshot

  • After successfully flashing the CM 11 ROM, now you need to flash the GApps  package.
  • For that again navigate to the ‘install zip from SD card ‘ option and select it.
  • Then on the next screen select the ‘choose zip from SD card’ option.
  • Now select the Google Apps package file to start the installation process.
  • Press the ‘Yes’ option on the next screen to confirm the process.
  • Be patient until the process completes.
  • Do not wipe data/cache after flashing Google Apps.
  • All the flashing process completes here.
  • You just need to restart your device by selecting the ‘reboot system now’ option from the recovery mode.
  • The first boot takes more time to start than usual.

Install Android 4.4.4 KitKat ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 screenshot

  • If you don’t like this ROM and want to restore back your previous Rom you can do that by simply going back to the recovery mode by holding Volume up + Home Button (middle button) + Power Button simultaneously and select the ‘Backup and Restore’ option and then on next screen select ‘Restore’ option.

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Finally! You’ve successfully installed the latest Android 4.4.4 KitKat Cyanogenmod 11 Custom ROM on your Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 smartphone. Go to Menu→Settings→About Phone and confirm the same. Enjoy and experience the Android KitKat features on your Galaxy Y with this CM11 ROM. Don’t forget to share your views after using it. Feel free to ask your questions in the comment box.


    • Yes ! You can download cyanogen mod rom from here ! My phone was bricked….but see,now it is working in a perfect condition !!! Thanks a lot to DroisThunder!!!

  • have any idea to do reverse process ?
    while update kitkat .
    i am not backup my data and mobile is not in usb debugging mode on?
    every time when i install kitkat and roboot recovery then display only
    samsung galaxcy y
    plz any body help me?

    • Hi Arun Benny,

      I too planning to install android-4.4 kitkat custom rom to my samsung galaxy y gt-s5360, Is bluetooth and wifi issue solved or not and how about speed, performance and stability of the phone

  • 1) Can I access and install android 4.4 kit kat apps in google play store

    2) Is it a true kit kat 4.4 rom or just a theme modification of android 2.3.

    • Yeah, its a true Android 4.4 KitKat ROM..but due to RAM incompatibility of Galaxy Y..It is difficult to say that those apps will work..

      • Hi Abhijeet Bharekar,

        1) Can you share some pics of kitkat rom with samsung galaxy y gt-s5360 .

        2) I couldn’t find kitkat rom for samsung galaxy y in xda developers forum, If possible can you please tell link or source or developer of this kit kat rom

        3) Can you please confirm whether this rom has wifi bluetooth and any other open issues with galaxy y

  • have any idea to do reverse process ?
    while update kitkat .
    i am not backup my data and mobile is not in usb debugging mode on?
    every time when i install kitkat and roboot recovery then display only
    samsung galaxcy y
    plz any body help me?

  • Hi! I’m having a problem. I want to ask is it possible to upgrade gingerbread 2.3.6 into kitkat without going to ICS, jellybean? Please make reply and thanks for this article.

    • Remove battery & re-insert it..Now boot into recovery mode..
      1.Go to ‘Advanced’
      2.Choose ‘Wipe dalvik cache’
      3.Go back to main menu
      3.Now go to ‘Mounts & Storage’
      4.Choose ‘Wipe /cache’
      5.Reboot your phone

      • I upgraded my galaxy Y (2.3.6 Gingerbread) to Kitkat seeing your instruction and as you mentioned some extents in comment above I did them too ..but in my phone there wasnt any ‘Wipe /cache’ inside ‘Mounts & Storage’ ..So ,I formatted all the cache and now ,I cannot switch my phone on !!! Thank you in advance !!

  • Hi, so how to flash custom recovery? can you link me the step by step process of how to kitkat Samsung galaxy Y ? Please 🙂 Thank you so much fr the reply.

  • while update kitkat .
    i am not backup my data and mobile is not in usb debugging mode on?
    i think CWM is not istalled properly first time. Is there any process to get back the same.

  • hi, i have updated my galaxy y to kitkat. but i don’t really like it. how to reset it back to factory default?

  • Is this cyanogenmod 11?
    And how am I sure that this is not just another skin as the name is out of the ordinary.

    • I think you’re still having the android stock recovery..Do check that you’ve properly flashed the CWM recovery or not..

  • pa tulong naman kasi after q magawa ung procedure ng pag install ng kitkat sa galaxy young q hindi na sya na open pro samsung logo lang ung naka lagay panu po ba mababalik to sa datii. please help contact me at 09096338064 or 09227289826 salamat..

  • I was referring to some other blog for updating my phone but then my phone got bricked. I thought I’ve lost it. But when I came across your blog and saw almost same steps, I knew I was wrong at my part.
    Tried and tried again!
    Guess What?
    Just got the update in my phone.. Bang On!
    Thankx admin.. you were the light!

  • Can’t install Gapps. When I reboot it stucked in cm logo. When I tried to restore my previous ROM, its always back to recovery mode.

  • hey,
    thank you for the tutorial.

    I can start my phone, i can choose between diffrent languages, but i can´t select a language. There is no “OK” button. Only an emergency button.

    what i can do?

    i ve tested the latest 2 versions (same problem)


    sorry for my bad english

  • Does this rom original baesd 4.4.4 KitKat

    Does tihs rom can install like clash of clan instagram wechat and app kitkat

  • I have already installed the cmw from your previous article and I checked the link on this article and they are different. Is there a problem or do I have to download the new CMW?

  • ive downloaded the odin package, but how can i flash it on my gt s5360 ? i dont have yet ,can i have the link where and how can i download odin tool on my pc, admin please help cos i want to try this rom..
    your reply is highly appreciated. thank you..

    • Since the recovery is in zip format you can directly flash it from your current recovery..The steps are mentioned in above article..

  • Bug Report: when you turn on the wifi while playing music in headset there is something wrong happen.. the music in the headphone stop and it play a stop dance ugly music in the speaker..

  • Hey I’am willing to be a tester up to this ROM will become perfect!! Just always notify me and always update me if there is a new version release.. add me at my facebook account, by the way, do you have direct contact to the developer? or you are one of the developers?

  • Plz say is this bugs free?
    Some people say wifi and bluetooth are not working after flash the ROM.

    And what types of bugs are in this rom?
    Plz reply me….

  • hello im using cyanocream v3 now, how can i flash this rom because until now i cant update my cwm recovery into the latest one 🙁 please help admin.. i really want this rom..

  • Hi admin,
    first of all many thanks for your fantastic work.
    I have following problems:
    1. Latest CM11-version ist running well, but with an inserted sim card from a German provider I cant unlock the sim card. I tried several cards and also several CM11 versions. What could be the reason?
    2. Is there a German CM11-version available?
    best regards from Germany

  • Never mind, I got it to work!

    I love this ROM. I can install more apps (though surprisingly, one or two apps of Android 2.2 version no longer work) and the phone’s battery life is longer.

  • I’ve tested this rom. and i can say that this rom really is pleasant and looks quite legit than the other roms. but still up-to now there is still bugs for video recording and for network packet data. i really wish you would do something about it… thank you

  • hii there, i have used the given procedure to install cm-11 rom on gt-s5360 but installation aborted due to some error 7.
    what i have to do now??
    i have used for installation.
    can u help me further???

  • hiiiii , i have 1 simple question ……….
    when i open ur link( Download Android 4.4.4 KitKat CM 11 ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y S5360.)
    it shows me many files(cm 11………)
    so which file should i download??????????????
    reply must@

  • hello I have a.question either to download the custom mode from the link or to download from the folder ” stable” from that link??????

  • after successfully completed installation of this cm11 rom can we install percy cm#2 kernel in it or will it cause any trouble

  • i flashed galaxy y with another “kitkat special experience” rom but i want to flash this rom. is their any need to flash backed up rom first to proceed with this or not.

    and after clicking on “Download Android 4.4.4 KitKat CM 11 ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y S5360” link it shows some stable named folder.
    how i can download it.

  • suggestion:

    please also specify step 5,that person has to work in CWM Recovery Mood to select Zip from SDcard,rather then mobile recovery mood.
    Because many user facing problem due this reason
    Thanks for the post

  • i flashed this rom..
    i looks great but it slows the system.
    so plz tell me how i can improve device ‘s speed
    and also how i can increase internal memory.

    and thanx for the rom…. 🙂

  • I just want to ask when I click the CM 11 ROM link it shows a folder “totoro\stable”
    The problem is that in that folder there are alot of files. Which exactly should I download ?

    Another problem is that I can’t find any download button for the whole folder just in case if I have to download the whole folder any guidance would be much appreciated:)

  • Do i need this updated CWM recovery for kitkat ? i have CWM installed which you given link in your rooting article (1.31 mb) and the link here is some 4.5 mb.
    How do i replace old CWM with this new one?

  • i m new to android so i have many funny questions you may think..
    S5360 have 232mb System ROM . How can kitkat fit in such small size? will it work with such a small RAM ?

    2.btw my device shows two internal storages? what r they? system ROM 232mb and Internal storage 199mb ? i thought sys rom and int storage is same

    • 1.The is not an actual KitKat but a KitKat look alike it’ll easily work with small RAM..
      2.System ROM & int storage are different..Internal storage is where your apps are stored

  • Hello, I somehow missed the first rooting part… so now I am stuck in the CWM recovery mode and the phone is not rooted. What can I do ? I tried to install in there the but I have the error (status 0) Installation aborted. Can I start over or is there a way to root in this recory mode ? Could you help me please.

  • it looks beautiful but i am having problem . when i installed every step as mentioned in the article. my phone starts and show the welcome screen with language selection option but didnt showing any other button to move onwards.. i am stuck on language selection menu . plz help me in this ASAP

  • Hi. I followed the instructions above. But I’m currently stuck on a blackscreen. The cyanogenmod screen showed up but after that I got nothing. Can you suggest any solutions? That would be great. Thanks in advance.

  • i successfully installed 4.4.4.. But d prblem is that data cnnction is not connecting and i m unable to use internet…what to do??? i restarted the phn but still unable to connect to internet…

    • sorry…thats my fault…theres problem in the setting….resolved it….
      one more question…i didnt made efs backup….in what condition my phone get bricked…means how and when…when i reset my phone or something else

    • 1. Download and install Root explorer app on your phone.
      2. Then download these two font files & place them on phones SD card:
      a. DroidHindi.ttf b. DroidSansFallback.ttf
      3. Launch Root explorer and select mount r/w option.
      4. Then copy these two font files to /system/font/ directory.

      • hi bro…i am using cm 11 on my gts5360

        i can’t read indian languages…

        so i try to install fonts that you mentioned above with root explore app
        but it shows permission denied…….

        but I can’t mount system to r/w….

        help me bro

        sorry for my bad English

  • Hi Abhijeet,
    I have sucessfully migarate to Cyanogenmod 11 as mentioned above and it run good but after inserting the sim, it hangs during booting Please help!
    without sim running perfectly.

  • have any idea to do reverse process ?
    while update kitkat .
    every time when i install kitkat and roboot recovery then display only
    samsung galaxcy y
    plz any body help me?
    My contact no 9723768847

  • hey,is all the functions working?? like bluetooth n all…i have cm7 installed on it so what can i do for cm11?? i have to instal cm11..

  • Thanks for the rom… everything is good. just one issue is it takes few times to reboot with spinning logo of cynogenmod. 🙂

  • Hi!! i have successfully upgraded my SAMSUNG GALAXY Y GT-S5360. But i dont like the custom rom so i want to downgrade it to 2.3.6. How can i do it??Plzzzz reply soon ..

  • i tried to upgrade Galaxy y to CM 11 and it upgraded successfully but it not switch oned properly and its halfly oned and not oned after flashing a head please help me

  • Can we install kitkat 4.4 through odin mode with pc please reply fast because i want to install it

  • hv flashed this kitkat rom.. it wrks fine but when i get a call sound comes first but it displays the call screen after 10 to 15 secnds … how to fix it…???? hlp me out…

    • I have approximatly the same issue than nishant, for all incoming calls, I’m not able to have the screen so cannot take the call…. I tried to freeze all apps but nothing change, issue was still there. Setup seems to be good. Does someone have and resolve this issue ?

  • Hi devlopers bro. I’m Rimon from Bangladesh. Have i need format systam,data & cache and mount every thing befor installing this CM 11 ? And if i dont flash gapps then it will not work?

  • Admin brother, I have some qusetion to u that, If I failed to flash letest CWM by cwm1.41mb then How I can flash letest CWM Menually via odin ?Then Have I need to wipe data factory reset and cache before takes a nandroid backup ? Then have I need to format system,data,cache and mount all befor installing CM11 Rom ? Plz bro tell me.Plz.Plz.Plz.

  • HEY!! I m using CW 11 lolipop rom in my galaxy y ..but I want to go CW 7.2 kitkat rom ..plz tell me how to do it and give me the link to download CW 7.2 kitkat rom.

  • hi bro,CM11 it working but ,secret code r not working like ,testing code *#O*# is not working,how to solve this,pls help me

  • it wrks fine but when i get a call sound comes first but it displays the call screen after 10 to 15 secnds … how to fix it…???? hlp me out…

  • unfortunately, I flashed official DDMD1 gingerbred 2.3.6 for galaxy Y duos gts 6102 in galaxy y gts-5360. Afterwards I tried to install kitkat 4.4.4 downloaded from your site but it showed error status 7, please help me.

  • i love you dude, it works fine just i expected. Just i forgot to backup my contacts. i thought the clockword mod will back it up for me and restore it after i installed the mod. But i was wrong xD. Other than that its awesome!~

  • it is working at all, but there is many bug and my problem is when i plug the USB into my computer the storage is not working but it is charging. what would i do please help me…

  • okay. thanks. one more question. if im without computer and the 3 links is in my mobile . can i do flash? cause i think the computer is use only to make a back up. right? i will take a nandroid back up. i try to follow the steps in other site but after trying and trying i will always bricked my sgy. when i always bricked my sgy i will flash it again via odin. ive always flash my sgy when every time i tried to upgrade it.

  • Sir i have successfully installed kitkat in my Galaxy Y.But the problem is my sim card is not supporting.My phone do not get switched on whenever i insert it.Please suggest any way to solve it.

  • Avijit bro, I’m Rimon from Bangladesh.Today(15, 04April, 2016) I have successfully Flash this Nice Rom and It’s working so good like Original KitKat 4.4.4. But when I try to Update Cynogenmode update from About phone on settings there there were nothing happened.But my Data connection was fully 3g mode. So now How can I get next update of this ROM ?

  • Hey I’m a 14 yr old boy of gadchiroli
    I love to install custom ROMs on my galaxy y s5360 …
    I have checked your page of CM11 on galaxy Y
    Will you please tell me , some or all bugs that you had encountered on that CM11 ROM

  • Home-Button, Volume up down Button, back button and settings Button not working anymore. Only power button works! Is there a solution

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