List of Xiaomi Smartphones Codename (Update 2024)

May 21, 2024

We’ve mentioned a complete list of Xiaomi Smartphones Codename in this article. Founded in 2010, Xiaomi Inc. is a Chinese electronics company that develops Android smartphones, tablets, TVs, laptops, software, apps, etc. Just in a few years, the company has managed to cultivate a loyal customer base worldwide.

Xiaomi Smartphones Codename
Xiaomi Smartphones Codename

The reason behind the success of Xiaomi and its massive growth is its customer engagement. The company consistently develops customer trust using regular meetups and social media networks. Moreover, they are famous for selling high-end Android flagship smartphones at a relatively low price.

Xiaomi smartphones are launched with a unique codename, model name, and number. Since every device has a specific model name and number, what needs device codenames? The answer is quite simple. The Xiaomi smartphone’s codename is used to differentiate one mobile model from another under the same series or OEM.

Furthermore, these device codenames can be used to get the specifications and software updates for a particular handset. Besides, Xiaomi uses these codenames whenever they release a new stock ROM update. This can help the users easily identify the MIUI stock update for their device. This way they can avoid confusion by flashing the wrong ROM on their Android phone.

Also, the third-party developers build custom ROMs, TWRP, and Orange Fox recovery using the Xiaomi and Redmi Device Codenames. On the contrary, the Xiaomi official forum also provides the OTA update and recovery files with the codename tag. For example, the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite Fastboot ROM download link is given as platina_global_images_V10.3.1.0.PDTMIXM_20.

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There is no device model name and number given in the download link. This can confuse you whether the download link is for your Xiaomi device. This is where the Xiaomi codename list can help you out. The word ‘Platina’ mentioned in the download link denotes the device codename of the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite smartphone.

Do you want to flash custom ROM on the Xiaomi device? Do you want to install the Stock ROM update on Xiaomi? Then you will need to find the exact codename for your smartphone. With this codename, you can easily download and manually install the appropriate MIUI update on your Xiaomi smartphone.

List of Xiaomi Smartphones Codename

Here is the detailed full codename list of the Xiaomi Mi series, Redmi series, Mi Android one variant, Mi Tablet series, Redmi Note series, and Poco series smartphones.

Xiaomi SmartphonesXiaomi Smartphones Codename List
Redmi 1, WCDMAHM2013023
Redmi 1S, WCDMAarmani
Redmi 2, WCDMAwt88047
Redmi 2A / Enhancedwt86047
Redmi 2 ProHM2014819
Redmi 3/3 Pro/3 Primeido
Redmi 3S/3X/3S Primeland
Redmi 4Arolex
Redmi 4prada
Redmi 4 PROmarkw
Redmi 4x / Redmi 4 Indiasantoni
Redmi 5Ariva
Redmi 5rosy
Redmi 5 Plus / Redmi Note 5 Indiavince
Redmi Proomega
Redmi S2/Y2 Indiaysl
Redmi 6Acactus
Redmi 6cereus
Redmi 6 Prosakura / sakura_india
Redmi 7onclite
Redmi GOtiare
Redmi 7Apine
Redmi 8olive
Redmi 8Aolivelite
Redmi 10X 4Gmerlin
Redmi 10X 5Gatom
Redmi 10X Pro 5Gbomb
Redmi K20davinci
Redmi K20 Proraphael
Redmi K30phoenix
Redmi K30 5Gpicasso
Redmi K30 Prolmi
Redmi K30 Pro Zoomlmipro
Mi Notevirgo
Mi Note Proleo
Mi Note 2scorpio
Mi Note 3jason
Mi Note 10tucana
Mi Note 10 Litetoco
Mi MIXlithium
Mi MIX 2chiron
Mi MIX 2Spolaris
Mi MIX 3perseus
Mi Mix 3 5Gandromeda
Mi Max 32gbhydrogen
Mi Max Pro 64gb/128gbhelium
Mi Max 2oxygen
Mi Max 3nitrogen
Mi A1tissot
Mi A2jasmine
Mi A2 Litedaisy
Mi A3Laurel_sprout
Redmi Note 1/3G-MTKlcsh92_wet_jb9
Redmi Note 1Sgucci
Redmi Note 1/4G Duall Sim – Snapdragondior
Redmi Note 2hermes
Redmi Note 3 (MTK)hennessy
Redmi Note 3 (Qualcomm)/Redmi Note 3 Prokenzo
Redmi Note 3 SEkate
Redmi Note 4 (MTK)nikel
Redmi Note 4X / Redmi Note 4 (Qualcomm)mido
Redmi Note 5a Prime / Y1 Indiaugg
Redmi Note 5a / Y1 Lite Indiaugglite
Redmi Note 5 Pro Indiawhyred
Redmi Note 6 Protulip
Redmi Note 7lavender
Redmi Note 7 Proviolet
Redmi Note 8ginkgo
Redmi Note 8 Probegonia
Redmi Note 8Twillow
Redmi Note 9merlin
Redmi Note 9 Pro (China)curtana
Redmi Note 9 Pro (Global)joyeuse
Redmi Note 9S (Global)curtana_global
Redmi Note 9 Pro Max (China)excalibur
Redmi Note 9 Pro (Global)excalibur_global
Mi Padmocha
Mi Pad 2latte
Mi Pad 3cappu
Mi Pad 4clover
Mi 1/SMione_plus
Mi 2aries
Mi 3 TDpisces
Mi 3 / Mi 4, LTE/WCDMAcancro
Mi 4iferrari
Mi 4clibra
Mi 4saqua
Mi 5gemini
Mi 5scapricorn
Mi 5s Plusnatrium
Mi 5xtiffany
Mi 5cmeri
Mi 6sagit
Mi 6xwayne
Mi 8dipper
Mi 8 SEsirius
Mi 8 Explorer Editionursa
Mi 8 Liteplatina
Mi 8 Proequuleus
Mi 9cepheus
Mi 9 SEgrus
Mi 9 Lite (Mi CC9)pyxis / vela
Mi 9Tdavinci
Mi 9T Proraphael_global
Mi 10umi
Mi 10 Procmi
Mi 10 Lite Zoomvangogh
Mi Playlotus
Poco F1beryllium
Poco X2phoenix
Poco X3surya
Poco X3 NFCkarna
Poco M3citrus
Poco C3angelicain
Poco F2 Prolmi
Poco M2 Program
Poco M2shiva
Poco M2 Reloadedshiva

Note: This codename list is updated regularly whenever Xiaomi releases new smartphones.

If we’ve missed any other Xiaomi smartphone codename, then let us know in the comment section mentioned ahead. Thank you!

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