Root Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 and Install CWM Recovery

December 3, 2020

Root Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 and Install CWM Recovery. Well having a low-end device running on an outdated version in a world where the latest versions are releasing day by day is not only shameful but also irritating. Also, if such a device is not rooted and has a stock firmware installed then you won’t have any authority & accessibility over your phone.

Root Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 and install Clockworkmod Recovery screenshot

With custom recovery, it’s possible to install apps requiring root permission. You can even install a good custom ROM of your choice to enhance the productivity of your Galaxy Ace S5830. More than that you can even backup and restore your current running firmware, wipe data and caches to clear your phone memory, and much more. In this article, we’ll root Galaxy Ace and install CWM recovery.

Root Benefits:

Without root, you cannot customize the settings, cannot replace or move the in-built system applications, cannot run any app which requires proper administrative permission, also cannot access the entire hardware. This means that without root, though the device belongs to you but when it comes to customizing you can’t do anything.

With such a device, it’s impossible to run those high-definition games. And in case if it is a low-end device like Ace having low internal memory and low RAM then your life is just miserable. How long can you rely on that boring outdated version, interface, and launchers? If you are not at all aware of the rooting technique don’t worry, we’ll describe it to you in a detailed step by step method.

Although many of us are scared of rooting their device, but in actual it’s the easiest and beneficial method. Once rooted, you can have entire access over your phone’s operating system. You can even increase your internal memory, RAM size, and play those high-end games easily. When rooted, you’ll find a lot of amazing must-have apps worth use.

For example, some of these apps allow you to automatically take backup all of your apps and all the imp data, make your device a wireless hotspot, create secure tunnels to the Internet, can completely block advertisements, or even can help to overclock your device processor. The most common thing done after rooting an android phone is flashing a custom recovery.


Try this method all at your own risk. We at Droid Thunder will not be responsible for any damage whatsoever.


This process is only for Samsung Galaxy Ace with the model number GT-S5830. Do not implement these steps on any other device or variant. It might permanently damage your device.


Rooting Package

CWM Package


  • Ensure to charge your phone to at least 60%.
  • Backup your important phone data and settings before moving ahead.
  • Also, backup the EFS folder present in your phone’s system directory.
  • Moreover, install the Samsung USB drivers on the computer.
  • Enable the USB Debugging mode on your phone

Steps to Root Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830:

  • After successfully downloading the Rooting package given above, enable USB debugging mode on your Ace & copy the same on your device’s external SD card using a USB cable. Place it directly without extracting. Also, remember not to place it in deep directories.
  • Now switch off your phone completely. You need to enter into your stock recovery mode for installing the Root package.
  • To do so, press and hold the Home button (Middle button)and Power button simultaneously until the recovery mode appears.

Root Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 and install Clockworkmod Recovery
Root and install Clockworkmod Recovery

  • You’ll note that touch does not work here in this recovery mode. So you need to use Volume Up and Volume Down keys for navigation and the Home button (Middle button) for selection.
  • Now use the volume keys and navigate to the option named ‘Update from SD card’ and select it using the Home button.

Root & install Clockworkmod Recovery on Galaxy Ace GT-S5830

  • Once you click on it, you will see all the files and folders located on your external SD card.

Root & install Clockworkmod Recovery on Galaxy Ace GT-S5830

  • Again use the volume keys to navigate to the Root Package file ( which you have copied earlier and select it using the Home button. This will immediately start the Rooting process. It will hardly take a minute to complete.

Root & install Clockworkmod Recovery on Galaxy Ace GT-S5830

  • After the process completes, you’ll return to the main menu of Recovery mode.

Root and install Clockworkmod Recovery

  • Select the ‘Reboot system now’ option using the Home button to reboot your device.

Root & install Clockworkmod Recovery on Galaxy Ace GT-S5830

  • This way you will successfully root your Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830. An app named Superuser is installed on your phone. This will confirm the successful root process. After rooting, you can easily customize and change the system settings of your phone.

Root and install Clockworkmod Recovery

  • Now we’ll discuss a detailed step-by-step procedure on how to install Custom Recovery like Clockworkmod CWM on your Ace S5830.

Steps to install CWM recovery on Galaxy Ace GT-S5830:

  • Download the CWM package given above in a specific folder on your computer and extract it.
  • Now you need to boot your device in downloading mode. For that switch your device off completely.
  • Simply press and hold the Home button + Volume Down key + Power button simultaneously until the Download mode appears. Keeping your device in download mode, connect it to your computer via USB cable.
  • Open ‘Odin Multi Downloader_v4.38’ from the CWM package which you have just downloaded on your PC. As soon as you open it, the ID: COM section in it will turn yellow. If such a thing does not happen, then again install USB drivers. You can install them from the links given above or the Samsung Kies CD which you’ve got at the time of purchase.
  • Now click the OPS tab located on the Odin flash tool and select ‘Cooper_v1.0.ops’ file from the CWM package.
  • Then tick the ‘One Package’ option once again located on the Odin on the top left-hand side. As soon as you tick it, the One Package option at the bottom will get highlighted. So click that One Package option and select ‘cwm-recovery-ace.tar.md5’ file. Do not check or uncheck any other option from the Odin tool. You may refer to the screenshot given below.

Root Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 and install Clockworkmod Recovery

  • After completing everything as mentioned above, initiate the process by clicking on the Start button located on the Odin window. Your phone will automatically reboot itself while going through the process.
  • The process will hardly take 5-10 minutes to install CWM recovery. As soon as it completes, the ID: COM section on the Odin window will turn blue with a message Pass. Now you can safely remove the USB cable.
  • If the process fails, then close the Odin window. Remove the battery from your phone and re-insert it. Again go into downloading mode and follow the entire procedure as given above.
  • After completing the process, again boot your device into recovery mode by holding the Home button (Middle button) and Power button simultaneously until the recovery mode appears.
  • Now select the ‘Wipe data/factory reset’ option followed by the ‘Wipe Cache partition’ option from the CWM recovery mode. This will clear all the data and caches from your phone memory. Then you can reboot your phone by selecting ‘reboot system now’ option.

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Finally, you’ve completed the root Galaxy Ace and CWM recovery process. Now you can easily install custom ROMs, take backup/restore, wipe data/cache, etc. For any questions, kindly use the comment box below.

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77 thoughts on “Root Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 and Install CWM Recovery

  1. Hello sir, i tired to install clockworkmod recovery and it worked but now the problem is I am not able to flash cyanogenmod 11 kitkat rom. It says installation aborted. Is this the problem with recovery? waiting for ur rply

  2. Hello sir,

    Something Goes wrong wen i try to install cwm. The installation Goes wel untill the end. Odin even gives the sign pass.. but then wen trying to enter the recovery mode by persing home+power button the Phone blocks on the Samsung logo. Wen to a re-install i can use the Phone again but wen going info recovery mode the Phone blocks again. Do hou have a solution

        • Install Terminal Emulator app from Play Store & launch it. Enter these commands in it to enter the recovery mode: ‘su’ (without inverted commas) & then ‘reboot recovery’ (without inverted commas)..

          • Hi, It did as you told but with the same result. After typing reboot recovery the Phone is still blocking when the samsung logo appears?

          • Hi, did exactly as you told but after entering reboot recovery the Phone stil blocks on the Samsung logo. After typing su I got the message”bin outdated” ?

  3. hi, mr: Abhijeet Bharekar.
    sorry my english is not goot , but i will try .
    i installed cwm and choose wipe data/factory reset , but i cant go to recovery mod it show ablue screen , and if i try to reboot the phone it frozen in samsung logo and reboot it self again and again. (thanks)

        • Install ROM Manager app and select ‘Reboot into Recovery’ option to boot into recovery mode. If this doesn’t work then install Terminal Emulator App & enter these commands in it: ‘su’ (without inverted commas) & then ‘reboot recovery’ (without inverted commas)..

  4. Hi sir, the time that i tried to do that method i can’t open my samsung galaxy ace please help me with my problem. please reply fast sir.

  5. hey after installing cwm, i did wipe cache partition and wipe factory reset as u told us to do. but after rebooting it only shows blue screen . what to do

  6. I am having problem opening recovery mode. When i click home+power bottom the screen stops in samsung logo.still i can switch on my mbl. Can u plz help

  7. Thnq for the link but i just cant understand the instruction of the link. Can i do it through odin instead of copin it to my sdcard

  8. Can u help me wid detail instruction!! I copied the zip file to my sd card wat to do after dat recovery mode doesnt open so…

  9. Hi abhiijeet,
    I am getting the same ‘blue screen’ problem after installing CWM recovery 6.0.4
    and I am not able to perform ‘Reboot to recovery’ option in rom manager
    Please help,

  10. Hi
    Phone is correctly rooted as far as I can tell (Terminal su works), USB drivers are installed (connects to Kies and can use USB to transfer files). I followed the instructions above, the phone shows “Downloading..” in yellow text, the computer gives an error message “USB device not recognised” and when I press Start in the Odin software it gives an error message “Please connect phones !!”. Any assistance appreciated.

  11. hiii … i tried to install cmw but it’s not getting installed in it the left most one . counter is continuosly incrementing . it’s not stoping
    and in com port mapping its comming as
    1 (com 17) with yellow as background colour . please tell me what to do ??

    • and even i am getting message as
      in the left most message window

      cannot open the usb serial port. code:5

  12. hlw sir my samsung galaxy ace duos is damaged because i didnt follow instruction in correct way to root. how to make my mobile gt s5830 normal pls help me sir?? thank you

  13. When I press the button “start” by odin the pc tells me: please conect phone!
    My telephon is allready conected! what can i do?

  14. hello sir,
    I’d really appreciate it if you could put a link to a cwm.tar.md5 file with touch feature for S5830 (which can be installed via odin 4.38).my volume keys are broken. so i could navigate through the recovery options with touch thing. looking forward.thanks a lot sir

  15. hello abhi, this link is not working–Download CWM Package for Galaxy Ace GT-S5830, is this possible to install lollipop just with root procedure and skip this link?

      • Ty in advance Abhi bro, if possible can i get ur mail id please cos i really got impressed and motivated reading ur articles and first in after getting this phone im gonna install lollipop i really don know hw much success i get still i trust u Abhi 🙂 if i get ur contact number or some sort of comm mode so that i can ask u help instantly.

        • i have many doubts whether i’ll do it perfectly n all 🙁 please help me Abhi if it goes wrong 🙁 today i ll sit whole day for this cos tom i wanna see my mob in a new way 🙂 please help me to sort it out if i get struck Abhi.

  16. Ty Abhi, I really got motivated and impressed reading ur aticles:) after getting my mob this is the first time im gonna install this OS i really don know whether i’ll do it perfectly or not but i trust ur steps so much 🙂 it will be so helpful if i get ur any contact number or mail so that i can help from u instantly please.

  17. sorry many questions from my side sorry Abhi, i have only 2gb sd card and 1.83gb only free. i want to increase my internal memory. i read ur article regarding that, my question is can i install this OS and later can i do that procedure to increase the internal memory will it work? please reply asap. ty Abhi .

      • hello Abhi i got installed the OS ty so much as if now its working fine 🙂 please i have one concern when i open my gmail, the unread mails are highlighted in black and read mails in white, i want it in either way is there any possible way? pleasee

  18. Hi, Sir… First I Rooted Galaxy Ace Then Installed CMW, But When I Enter Recovery Mode I Cant Do It… Only Samsung Logo Appears… Then I Restart The Phone & Restore It… After Restoring When I Turn Mobile On Always Samsung Logo Appears Even In Not Recovery Mode Also… But Downloading Mode Can Be Entered… Pls Give Me Solution…

  19. Help me!!!

    Instale un recovery dañana y se me bloquea el recovery cuando voy a entrar con la panatalla de bienvenida de la samsung ace GT-S5830L

  20. hey,i had previously installed the lollipop os u provided for when i’m trying this root its not working..says installation aborted..plz help

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