How to Activate Multiple Whatsapp accounts on a single Android phone

By Pravin Gaikwad

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Activate Multiple Whatsapp account on a single Android phone with this article. Having more than 400 million active users it is the best messenger app ever made for social communication. Not only Android but it has conquered the Windows, Blackberry & iOS market too.

Features like Audio Chat, Geo-location sharing, Image, Audio & Video sharing via attachments make this application to be always at the top in the top-rated apps list. It comes with a minimum one-year free subscription. And after that, you can register this app for just Rs. 55 for 1 Year.

But you can’t activate more than 1 account on your phone. So, here’s an app that not only enables you to activate several Whatsapp accounts on a single device but also lets you activate more than one Google accounts also.

This app works much like a Desktop Switching software used in Computers to have multiple windows on a single desktop screen. SWITCH ME is the app that helps you to do this. Yes..!! With this app, you can switch from one account to another easily without changing your mobile device.

Activate Multiple Whatsapp account-Switchme app screenshot 1

How to activate multiple accounts using Switch Me:

  • Download & install the SWITCH ME app from the link provided below:
  1. Click here to download.
  • After installing open the app, by default one account is already created having all existing configuration.
  • Click on “Create New Profile” to add a new profile.
  • Edit the configuration of the new profile as per your need.
  • That’s it !! Activate the newly created account and now you can register WhatsApp with one more number.
  • For multiple Whatsapp create multiple profiles using the same procedure as mentioned in steps 3,4 & 5.

Activate Multiple Whatsapp account-Switchme app screenshot 2


  • Switch between no.of profiles easily to work on more than one account.
  • Single device Multiple Accounts.
  • Requires negligible Space & Ram after installation.

Activate Multiple Whatsapp account-Switchme app screenshot 3


  • Each time while switching from one account to another restart is required.
  • If you are having a trial version then max 2 profiles can be created.

Enjoy multiple Whatsapp accounts on your single Android phone. Do share your views and experience after using this App of course through the comments section given below.

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