Download DC Unlocker 2 Client Full Version

May 21, 2024

UAB Digitek, a company located in Lithuania, developed DC-Unlocker Modem Unlocking Tool. The company provides DC Unlocker Dongle, a pen-drive look-a-like device. All you need to do is attach this dongle to your computer’s USB port, and you can use it for the data card unlock process. Moreover, you can use this dongle to unlock the manufacturer’s modems and routers.

DC Unlocker

This tool is a unique software specially designed to unlock the bootloader, generate codes, unlock data cards, reset the lock counter, etc. Moreover, you can even use this tool to unlock modems or routers of various devices.

Download DC Unlocker 2 Client

Besides, the tool even supports plenty of Android smartphones and tablets. Some of them are Huawei, Honor, LG, Pantech, ZTE, etc. A few of them include Huawei, Netgear, Sierra Wireless, Gemtek, ZTE, Micromax, Nokia, Novatel, Option, and Pantech.

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If you want to unlock more than 10 data cards, the company recommends you to be a dongle user. Visit their official website to download DC Unlocker credits. Most important, the company also provides various tutorials on YouTube for unlocking devices.

How to use DC Unlocker

It is easy to unlock since the tool provides a simple user interface. Most importantly, this software requires a username and password to log in. You can do it in two ways. Firstly, attach the DC-unlocker dongle to your PC.

Then enter Dongle login details and detect your device to work as a premium client. For professionals or service center employees, a dongle is strongly recommended.

Furthermore, the other way to log in is to enter the DC Unlocker username and password. You can get your id and password from the official website. To buy credits, all you need to do is download the software.

Next, install and launch the software on your PC. It is essential to run it as an administrator. Moreover, from the main UI, click on the buy credits option.

DC Unlocker Crack download 1

Once you get the login id and password, you need to select your device model and tap on the unlock button. The tool automatically starts the unlocking process.

You need to be patient and wait. Within 15-60 seconds, the unlocking process completes successfully. It is indeed the best modem unlocker tool to unlock USB modems, routers, or bootloaders.

DC Unlocker Crack download username and password 2

Recently, the company launched an updated DC Unlocker 2 client 1.00.460 version with plenty of advanced features to unlock the bootloader of Huawei. On the contrary, the latest modem unlocker tool can read unlock code and auto-enter to the modem.

Moreover, you can read firmware code, create unlock code by IMEI, generate firmware code by IMEI, or even lock the bootloader. They also provide live support for 24 hours. For that, you can visit the contact section on their official website.

DC Unlocker Crack download bootloader code 3

How to Activate DC Unlocker

All modem unlocker software free download link is mentioned ahead. Install this software on your Windows PC, and it will automatically flash DC Unlocker crack 2019. Note that this is a cracked full-version tool.

Hence you’ll not require any separate username or password. Additionally, it is strongly recommended to disable security-related tools such as Antivirus and firewalls on your computer as they might interrupt the process.

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DC-Unlocker features

  • World’s first universal unlocking software
  • Unlocks any device within 1 minute
  • Simply requires a standard USB cable
  • Updated regularly
  • Minimizes time to unlock any device
  • No need to select any COM ports
  • Provides one year of free updates
  • New devices are added weekly
  • Auto-detects any connected device
  • Simple and easy instructions
  • Clear UI with no complications
  • Requires no special cable or adapter

Video Tutorial:



Note: There are certain rumors about the developers building the dc unlocker APK file for Android phones. But it is not yet confirmed. But till then, you can go through this guide and use the dc unlocker credits hack to unlock the bootloader of any Huawei or Honor smartphone. Finally, if you come across any difficulty, then kindly comment below.

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81 thoughts on “Download DC Unlocker 2 Client Full Version

  1. Bonjour,
    je n’arrive pas à débloquer le bootloader de mon honor 6x, puisque l’identifiant et mot de passe sont inconnus.
    Pouvez vous m’aider,

    En vous remerciant d’avance

  2. Hello Abhijeet ,

    thanks for the support.
    Dc Unlocker correctly recognized my device.
    Honor 5X
    unfortunately there is an error message:
    Phone authorization success !
    Check account status
    Error connecting to server !
    Username / Password are not accepted.
    Pls, can you help me?


  3. Hi, good article however I downloaded the cracked version but it is 1436 (not 1403 as shown in your How to Unlock Bootloader of Huawei and Honor Phones article) and still requries a username and password (which in turn requries to buy credits) but I see above you state “The username and passwords don’t work anymore. We are currently working on a new update. Sorry for the inconvenience” I require a code to allow my bootloader locked Mate 8 to go from stock Android 6 to stoclk Android 7. Can you provide the required code if I provide the S/N and IMEI or send me a version of the unlocker that doesn’t require credits?

    • Hello, I have searched far and wide and i can say no cracked version exists (that works) anymore. The only hope is that they update this password.

  4. Please help me I have a Huawei mediapad t1 821l stuck at fastboot and rescue mode for a year. Or you can give me the bootloader unlock code and I will be very grateful… please help me

  5. this is what i am getting please help me out.

    Detecting phone :

    selection :
    manufacturer – Huawei phones
    model – Auto detect (recommended)

    Found Applications port COM12

    Model : Huawei HiSilicon Kirin Android phone
    Serial NR. : CSTDU16930002636
    Firmware : NRD90M test-keys


    Reading bootloader code…

    No username !

  6. Hey, I have tried to download the unlocker but it’s not working. when are you guys posting the working one with logins? I have a Huawei phone and wanted to unlock the bootloader. You are my last hope…Help a brother out

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