Gmail Go App is now Available for all Android phones

November 17, 2023

Back in July 2018, Google released Gmail Go as the lite version of the standard Gmail App. It was made especially for low-end Android smartphones and tablets. Since then, the tech giant has started a trend of Go variants of its apps.

Some of the apps include Google Go, Google Camera Go, Maps Go, Google Assistant Go, YouTube Go, etc. The main reason to release these lightweight versions of the apps was to bring the Google services to low-end processor phones.

At first, these Go variant apps were only accessible on the Android Go phones which is the light resource version of Android. However, it seems that Google is now ready to roll out these Go versions for every Android device out there.

Gmail vs Gmail Go App

Gmail Go App is available for every Android phone

According to a recent 9to5google report, Google is showing a ‘similar app available’ prompt beside the standard Gmail app in Play Store. This is Google’s way of letting users realize that they can now download the Gmail Go light version for their devices.

With the new app, the global tech giant continues to add an app to the Go lineup. Besides, the company claims that the Gmail Go application is a lite version of the original Gmail app. Moreover, it highlights only the basic features.

Initially, the Go version of Gmail for released only for devices powered by Android Go. That means it was available only for lightweight Android phones with less RAM and less phone storage space.

Since Google has released the Gmail lite variant, users have been confused about which email service to use. What is the difference between the standard Gmail vs Gmail Go app? And which app to install on your Android device?

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The Gmail lite version is practically indistinguishable from the standard Gmail app, just with minor changes in the UI. The developers have made changes in the code framework structure so as to run easily with low buffer memory.

Moreover, it comes with all the basic email features similar to that of Gmail. Additionally, it features inbox filtering, night mode, gesture controls, and multi-account support. But, it is much lighter and faster as compared to the original.

The only thing this app doesn’t have is the Google Meet integration. As seen in the standard app, you will not notice the Google Meet banner or video call shortcuts in the app. However, there are chances that the company will include it later.

Besides, some users have noticed a lag and frame drops in the interface of this lite version. Hence, if your phone is completely fine with the original app, then it is better to not switch to the new lite version.

Since there is no Google Meet feature, the app’s installation size is reduced. Furthermore, the app even removes the layered UI elements and alternatively uses subtle outlines for several features and buttons.

You will also notice a minimized animation and framerate. These progressions preserve phone memory and make the app run smoothly on low-end devices. On the Google Play Store, the app is only 9.9 MB in size.

This is significantly smaller than the official app, and hence it runs smoothly on phones with less RAM and limited internet connections. Currently, this lite version is available in selective regions of Europe and the US.

Unfortunately, for the rest of the regions, you will get an incompatible device error. However, as Android is open-source, you can still sideload the app from APKMirror if you truly want to experience it.

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