Google Photos will End Free Unlimited Storage from June 2021

November 12, 2020

In a recent Google blog post, the tech giant announced to soon end the free unlimited storage feature in Google Photos. From June 1, 2021, users will not be able to experience the unlimited photo backup feature.

After Google+ photos and Picasa, the company started Google Photos, a new centralized photo platform. The main aim of this service was to make your photos available anywhere you want without running out of storage.

Google Photos Free Unlimited Storage feature to End from June 2021

But why did Google removed the Google Photos free unlimited storage feature? What was the main reason behind this decision? Let’s find out. The camera phones have completely changed the idea of conventional photography.

When we look back, we’ll discover that great photography used to be significantly harder than today. Due to the new flagship Android smartphones with multiple cameras, people have stopped buying DSLRs.

Now, it is quite easy to click some high-resolution photos without a much-skilled work. These Android camera phones can easily shoot 8K, 4K, and Full HD videos without lag or losing quality.

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Moreover, they can even capture portrait modes, 3D, HDR, and low-light photos with ease. However, these high-resolution pictures and videos can have a size in gigabytes. This can be a problem for devices with less storage space.

This is when the Google Photos app comes into the picture. With the help of this platform, you can capture as many photos as you want, and then save them on the Google Cloud.

That means you don’t need to worry about running out of storage. Additionally, the global tech giant even optimized the uploaded photos to use less storage space. Isn’t it amazing!

Google Photos Free Unlimited Storage to End from June 2021
Google Photos Free Unlimited Storage to End from June 2021

Google Photos offered free unlimited storage feature up to 16-megapixels of resolution. Most importantly, the company made this service available not only for Android but also for iOS and Windows.

However, the recent news from Google has struck everyone. The company announced that starting from 1st June 2021, every image or video you upload will count towards the 15 GB of free storage.

Google will not longer offer the free unlimited high-quality photo storage in your Google Photos account. The main reason behind this decision is the increasing size of photo uploads every single day.

Thankfully, this new storage policy will not have an impact on your already uploaded media files. Additionally, if you own any Google Pixel phone, then you can still enjoy the free unlimited photo backup feature.

Yes, you heard it right! Google wants its customers to buy Pixel phones just to get the Google Photos unlimited storage. As per the tech giant, users upload 4.3 million GB of data to Google Photos, Gmail, and Drive.

This huge amount of data is really expensive to host. Therefore, the company is slowly moving away from offering free products and services. It all started when they introduced Google Drive storage plans.

On the other hand, Google will launch a new free tool to easily manage backed-up media files. With the help of this tool, you can edit, delete, and review blurry images, dark picture with ease.

The new policy also states that if you have not logged into Google accounts for two years, then the stored data will be automatically deleted. This applies to Google Drive, Gmail, and Photos as well.

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