US Justice Department files Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google

October 21, 2020

The year 2020 has not been so kind for Google. First was the conflict between the food-delivery giants. Then, the global tech giant was involved in a rivalry with the App developers. And yesterday, the US Department of Justice has filed an Antitrust Lawsuit against Google for abusing its dominance.

The US department claims that the tech giant always uses various strategies to maintain its monopoly in search engine advertising. Moreover, they added that Google applies illegal manipulation tactics on search results to promote their own content. But is Google a Natural Monopoly or not?

The US Antitrust Lawsuit is similar to the 1974 AT&T argument. That case almost took seven years of fight in court and had to strip its auxiliaries into singular organizations. The claim recorded in the U.S. Columbia Court mentions the detail that Google uses to remain ahead in the search market.

On the other hand, there are also allegations that the company collaborates with Apple and chokes rivals through elite business arrangements. Also, the US Antitrust Lawsuit, which may extend on for quite a long time, could set off a course of other antitrust claims from state lawyers general.

US Justice Department files Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google

Nearly 48 states and locales have equally investigated the case. Few of the jurisdictions are ready to bring several grumblings against the organization’s hold on technology. Most importantly, the state lawyers general has signed to assist as well as support the government claim.

Lawyer General William P. Barr had spoken openly about this major issue for quite a long time now. Besides, he has also asked to file a case before September. This is because there are a lot of objections from the legal counselors. They insist to get additional time for resolving the case.

Reasons behind the US Antitrust Lawsuit against Google:

  1. Google abuses its dominance in the search engine markets.
  2. They sign exclusive agreements to avoid the preinstallation of rivals search engines.
  3. Google pays 12 billion dollars to Apple to remain as the default search engine on various platforms.

It is said that that company forcefully installs the Google bloatware apps on Android smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, it also resists the user from uninstalling these applications. Additionally, it gives a 20% commission to Apple for keeping it as the default search engine on Siri.

On the other hand, Google called this US Antitrust lawsuit as ‘deeply flawed’. In response, the tech giant says that its search engine has no competition. This is why a company like Apple prefers it on the voice assistant Siri, Safari browser, as well as the Spotlight search.

Moreover, they further added that Bing is the default internet browser on almost every Windows gadget. According to them, this claim is useless and will never assist the consumers. However, if the US department wins this case, then it would completely revamp the world’s biggest tech giant company like never before.

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