Google Play Music App is no longer Available Worldwide

December 8, 2020

The global tech giant has finally decided to shut down Google Play Music app for all users worldwide. If you access the music streaming platform through the app or desktop site, you’ll see a message saying, “Google Play Music is no longer available.”

Moreover, it also indicates to transfer your music library with playlists and uploads to YouTube Music. Alternatively, you can use the Manage Your Data option to download your music. It is better if you use these options as soon as possible.

This is because, before the end of December 2020, Google will completely delete saved data from the Google Play Music App. Besides, there is also a one-click tool that moves the entire data from Google Play Music into the YouTube Music app.

Google Play Music App is no longer Available Worldwide

Google Play Music App is no longer Available

It isn’t like Google Play Music amazed everyone with the no longer available news. The company had already announced this surprising news back in August 2020. That means it was bound to happen in one way or another.

Google Play Music was launched on November 16, 2011, approximately 9 years ago. It was the best music and podcast streaming service provider globally. Moreover, it also managed to give tough competition to Spotify and SoundCloud.

But why is Google Play Music no longer available? Some say that this is Google’s new strategy to transfer its music streaming services to YouTube Music. Whereas, some says that the company wants its users to move their music library and data to YouTube.

However, Google has not revealed the exact reason why the app is no longer available in the market? As soon as the news went viral, every user started searching for the best Google Play Music alternative in the Android world.

At first, Google showed the no longer available message to users in New Zealand and South Africa. Soon after, the app slowly and gradually stopped working everywhere in the world. Some parts of the UK and India still have access to the app.

But, it will not last forever. A few months back, YouTube Music launched a migration tool to assist you to transfer your album, recommendations, and downloads. However, some users might felt it as the forced-choice.

As compared to Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud, and Pandora, Google’s music streaming app is quite inferior. This is why Google wants to shift its userbase to YouTube to gain back the superiority and rank in the market.

Right now, YouTube music is in the starting phase. Hence, it’ll take a couple of years to lead the music streaming services. For now, the music app does not have the best sound quality as well as the content suggestions.

This is why YouTube is continuously releasing new features and updates in its app. With the new features, anyone can use the Google Assistant commands to control, upload, download music files.

Earlier, this feature was only available for the YouTube Music Premium users. Apart from that, the app also gives an option to queue songs in a row. This feature is a replica of Spotify. The company is also planning to expand the music experience on smart TVs as well.

Source: 9to5google

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