How to Root OnePlus 7 without PC

August 16, 2023

Root OnePlus 7 Android 10 or Android 9 Pie. Yes, you heard it right! Now it is possible to root One Plus 7 guacamoleb smartphone without using PC. Most important, this easy steps guide will work on both OnePlus Android 10 update as well as OnePlus 7 Android 9 Pie update. OnePlus is the only company which allows the developers to perform various unofficial tasks on their smartphones.

The company themselves encourage their users to root Android phone. Additionally, they even have their guide to unlock bootloader and flash the latest official TWRP recovery. Hence, these phones are the best choice for anyone looking to root or experience customization. Today, there are various apps available on the Play Store which require root access. Hence it becomes necessary for any Android user to root their device.

How to Root OnePlus 7 without PC

In this easy steps guide, we’ll unlock the bootloader, install TWRP recovery, and root OnePlus 7. Moreover, we’ll not use any Android app to root. Instead, we’ll flash as well as files to gain root access. Most important, this rooting process mentioned ahead will not trip the safety net mechanism of Google. Hence you can still use apps like Google Play, Netflix or Pokémon GO.

From the OnePlus 7 specs, it is quite obvious that this device can easily handle the new customized firmware and mods or kernels, etc. Hence rooting will not be a downside for the OnePlus users. Besides, you will be able to enjoy plenty of root advantages. Some of these are Nandroid backup and restore, increasing RAM size, ROM size, boosting battery life, increasing gaming performance, and much more.

How to Root OnePlus 7 without PC

In this easy steps guide, we’ll root OnePlus 7 GM1900 and GM1901 without PC. Unfortunately, this root process will void your device warranty. But don’t worry as you can re-gain it back by unrooting Android phone. Are you interested to root Android without a PC? If yes, then head on to our tutorial mentioned below.


Follow the step by step instructions correctly. In case any damage occurs, we at Droid Thunder won’t be held liable. Most important, rooting will void your mobile warranty and/or brick your phone. Hence proceed ahead carefully.


  • Make sure to charge your phone’s battery to 60% to avoid any interruption.
  • Enable USB debugging mode from the device settings.
  • Also, enable OEM unlocking and Advance reboot mode from Developer options.
  • Unlock bootloader of OnePlus 7 before moving further.
  • Install TWRP recovery on your OnePlus 7 device.
  • At last, enable Unknown Sources option from settings.

After doing everything as given above, let’s start the OnePlus 7 root process.

Method 1: Root OnePlus 7 using SuperSU

At first, we’ll use TWRP and flash file to gain root access.



Steps to Root OnePlus 7

  • Boot your phone into TWRP recovery mode. For doing so, switch it off first.
  • Now press and hold the Volume up + Power button simultaneously.
  • Leave both the keys as soon as you see the fastboot screen.
  • Then use Volume keys to select the Recovery option and press the Power key to confirm it.
  • This will reboot your OnePlus 7 into TWRP recovery mode.
  • If you are not able to boot into recovery, use the Reboot Recovery app from Google Play Store.
  • From the TWRP main menu, click the Install button.
  • This will show your internal storage files and folders.
  • Just select the file which you’ve downloaded earlier.
  • On the next screen, swipe in the right direction to start the root process.
  • Upon the completion of the SuperSU flashing process, a successful message will appear.
  • Finally! This is how you can root OnePlus 7 using SuperSU and TWRP recovery.
  • To confirm whether your phone is successfully rooted or not, use the Root Checker app from Play Store.

Method 2: Root OnePlus 7 using Magisk

Here, we’ll root by installing in TWRP recovery. So, let’s get straight into it.



Steps to Root OnePlus 7

  • Similar to Method 1, reboot OnePlus 7 into TWRP recovery mode.
  • Select the Install option to see your files present on the phone.
  • Select the file which you’ve downloaded earlier.
  • Swipe in the right direction to start rooting the One Plus 7 process.
  • The Magisk flashing process will complete within few minutes.
  • Upon completion, a successful message will be shown.
  • To restart your phone click on the Reboot System button.


Finally! This is how you can root OnePlus 7 Android 10 or Android 9 using TWRP recovery. Root OnePlus 7 GM1900 / GM1901 and get complete access to your phone’s system. You are now free to install custom ROM on OnePlus 7 like Lineage OS 17, Resurrection Remix, etc.

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