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Today social media is boosting at a very high speed. One of the reasons behind this is the “WhatsApp” messenger which is available for every mobile platform including Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian, Nokia S40 Devices and Windows. WhatsApp messenger was initially released in the year 2009 and was founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, both former employees of Yahoo. On 19th Feb 2014, Facebook announced it was acquiring WhatsApp messenger for the US $19 billion. WhatsApp is the most globally popular messaging app having more than 600 million users. So, let’s have a look at what features of WhatsApp make it so popular.


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Some Amazing WhatsApp Features:

1. Instant messaging app

Whatsapp messenger is well known for its speed for sending and receiving messages. It works even at very low network strength. Its pre-processed cache helps to load the messages without any buffering as the data is not stored in any cloud rather it’s stored in the owner’s devices only that makes it fast.

Whatsapp screenshot 1

2. Consumes less amount of net data:

The amount of network data consumed by the WhatsApp messenger is very low. So, it’s more efficient and affordable for the common public.

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3. Secure:

Whatsapp messenger is one of the secured messenger apps ever developed. Even though it’s having security bugs initially but later on they were removed and presently WhatsApp is very secure. The reason behind this is that it stores the chat on the user’s device rather than on the network cloud. Making it secure from the vulnerable authorities.

4. Shows the exact message’s “delivering time” as well as “reading time” in-group.

This is one of the new updates that WhatsApp messenger added recently with which one can view whether who has received the message and what time they received it and also it shows the “reading time” of that particular group member under the tag of blue tick mark.

Whatsapp screenshot 4

5. New double “Bluetick” mark.

This is the most trending update WhatsApp messenger ever got. Blue Tick feature enables a sender to check whether the msg has been read by the user or not.

  • If there is only one tick/checkmark (✓) it means that from the senders side the msg has been sent to not delivered to the receiver.
  • If there is a double tick/checkmark (✓✓) then it means that msg has been sent by the sender and delivered by the receiver but not have been read.
  • If there is Blue colored double tick/checkmark (✓✓) then it means that msg has been sent by the sender, delivered+read by the receiver.
  • You can also disable this feature from: Settings >> Accounts >> Profile >> Read Receipts.
  • Note: If you turn off read receipts, you won’t be able to see read receipts from other people. Read receipts are always sent from group chats.

Whatsapp screenshot 5

6. More than one “group admins” in a group

This update has made the group more flexible. Now an admin who has created the group or who is an admin currently can make other group members as admin and the newly assigned admin can further add another admin. So, in a group, more than one admin can control the group members.

Whatsapp screenshot 6

7. Photo Caption

Using this feature while sending an image a user can add description i.e caption to that image-making that image more understandable.

Whatsapp screenshot 7

8. New Privacy Settings.

Now a user can decide who can view its “Last Seen”, “Status” and “Profile Pic” by adjusting settings through Settings>>Accounts>>Privacy>>Last Seen/Profile Photo/Status.

Note: If you don’t share your Last Seen, you won’t be able to see other people’s last seen.

Whatsapp screenshot 8

9. “Show all” Contacts feature.

Sometimes all the contacts from the phone book are not synchronized in the WhatsApp contact list so in order to make all the contacts visible in Whatsapp messenger Contacts one must enable the option from Setting >> Contacts >> Show all contacts.

Whatsapp screenshot 9

10. Change Number feature

Changing your number will migrate your account info, groups, and settings.

Whatsapp screenshot 10

11. Other new updates that add more features to WhatsApp are:

  • One can send at max 10 images at a time and can add separate captions for each before sending.
  • WhatsApp has its own inbuilt camera that helps you to directly snap an image through its camera and send it directly.
  • Even a user can add a caption for video also and select its size/length too. (But only one video can b sent at a time)
  • One can do payment for its friend also for making WhatsApp a licensed version for a year.


  • Group Notification can b muted for 8 hours/1 Week/1 years with an option of “show or don’t show Notification” for the muted group.


  • WhatsApp regularly and automatically backups your chat messages in your device every day at 4 am by default.


  • Have any Problem or Questions ? Then contact WhatsApp support team through: Settings >> Help >> Contact us.


  • Now a user can see who is typing currently in a group. (Earlier there was a feature for only viewing “typing” msg while chatting with an individual only.


  • All the above-mentioned features make WhatsApp most trending app used for instant messaging all over the world.

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