7+ Best Android apps for learning Sign Language

July 3, 2024

Sign language apps can make a huge difference. I found this out when I wanted to talk better with my deaf friend from college. Meeting him made me want to learn sign language, but I didn’t know where to start. Then, I found an ASL app on my Android phone. It had courses, practice sessions, and vocabulary tools.

I learned signs like “hello” and “thank you,” and soon, I could have simple conversations with my friend. We were both happy. Encouraged by this, I tried British Sign Language (BSL) and Indian Sign Language (ISL). I found many sign language apps with video lessons, quizzes, and practice sessions.

With so many apps out there, you might wonder, “Can I really learn sign language through an app?” Spoiler alert: Yes, you absolutely can. And it’s easier than you might think. Since I’ve tried many sign language apps for Android, I can tell you which is best for you. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to brush up your skills, there’s something here for everyone.

Best Android apps for learning Sign Language

Best Android apps for learning Sign Language

Here is a list of the best apps for learning sign language for Android phones. These applications are perfect for both beginners as well as advanced learners.

1. Lingvano: Sign Language – ASL

Lingvano Sign Language App - ASL

If you want to learn sign languages in slow motion, then Lingvano is the app for you. At first, I was unsure about the price, but it was worth it. The app uses fun and easy methods to teach. You can learn at your own pace, look up signs in the dictionary, and watch slow-motion videos. It tracks your progress with quizzes and rewards. Whether you’re refreshing your skills or starting from scratch, Lingvano makes learning ASL engaging and easy. I highly recommend it to anyone serious about learning sign language.


Fun and effective teaching methods

Dictionary for quick look-ups

Slow-motion videos for better understanding

Tracks progress with quizzes and rewards

Focuses on real communication skills

Suitable for beginners and refreshers

Like Duolingo, but for ASL


Relatively expensive subscription

No free option after the trial period

Occasional freezing issues reported

Some regional sign variations may differ

No way to skip beginner lessons if advanced

Download Lingvano: Sign Language – ASL

2. Sign Language ASL Pocket Sign

Sign Language ASL Pocket Sign App

The only reason I like this app is that it offers a one-time payment option of $15 to unlock all lessons. Yes, you can get daily free lessons that are simple and easy to understand. Although there are some minor bugs, like occasional app crashes, the new feature for signing sentences is awesome. The app is interactive, low-stress, and a bit gamified, making learning fun. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to improve, I highly recommend ASL Pocket Sign.


Affordable one-time payment of $15 for all lessons

Dictionary for quick look-ups

Easy-to-follow daily free lessons

Interactive and low-stress learning environment

Gamified features make learning fun

Suitable for beginners and advanced learners


Occasional app crashes during practice sessions

Minor bugs in quizzes

Some lessons repeat instead of progressing

Slow updates for new content

Download Sign Language ASL Pocket Sign

3. Spread Signs

Spread Signs Language Learning App

Spread Signs is the only sign language learning app that offers over 200,000 signs from languages like American, Czech, British, Estonian, French, German, Austrian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish. While the dictionary is free, the full version costs $5. The layout is clean and easy to use, making it convenient to carry around and use whenever you need to look up a sign. If you are a student or a traveler, then you should definitely try it out.


Over 200,000 signs

Supports multiple sign languages

Great for students and travelers

Option to create favorite word lists


Requires payment for full version

Occasional technical issues

No offline mode

Frequent pop-ups asking for purchases

Some features not accessible without payment

Download Spread Signs

4. The ASL App

The ASL Sign Language Apps

The ASL App, made by Deaf people, helps you learn ASL on the go. You get interactive videos, a search index, and a favorites folder. You can control video speed and share signs on social media. I had some issues, but reinstalling fixed them. It’s great for learning ASL basics and teaching others.


Made by Deaf people

Interactive videos

Easy to use

Search index and slow-motion

Share signs on social media


Some lessons may have issues

No pause button

Lessons need more breakdown

Requires reinstalling to fix some glitches

Not available on PC or laptop

Download The ASL App

5. ISL Journey – Sign Language

ISL Journey - Sign Language apps for Android

This is one of the best Indian Sign Language (ISL) apps that I’ve tried. The app offers 20 fun and engaging modules, each with gamified lessons and a visual dictionary. It even has a turtle button to slow down the signing pace. There’s a minor bug in the greeting lesson, but overall, it’s a great, ad-free learning tool. Want to learn Indian sign language? Try ISL Journey today.


Fun and engaging modules

Gamified lessons

Visual dictionary

Ad-free experience

Turtle button for slower signing


Minor bug in the greeting lesson

No Google login or account options

Download ISL Journey – Sign Language

6. Hand Talk Translator

Hand Talk Translator Sign Language Apps

Hand Talk Translator is the first AI-based sign language learning app for Android. Hugo, the 3D interpreter, automatically translates text and audio to American Sign Language (ASL) [Beta] and Brazilian Sign Language (Libras) through artificial Intelligence. I used it to talk with my girlfriend in ASL and had fun with jokes. You can type a word, and Hugo shows the sign. Adjust the speed or repeat signs with almost no ads. It’s easy to use and very helpful, though some users mention bugs.


Fun and easy to use

Translates text and audio to ASL and Libras

Adjustable speed and repeat signs

Few ads


Some bugs reported

Limited to ASL and Libras

Misleading advertising

Occasional app crashes

Download Hand Talk Translator

7. Basics of Sign Language

Basics of Sign Language Apps for Android

Basics of Sign Language from Paradox Inc. is like a pocket library for learning sign language. It includes ISL, ASL, and BSL in one easy-to-use app. You can learn through quizzes, interactive links, and fun games like scratch-to-find signs. The app is free and has no ads. While some users wished for more video content, it’s still a great starting point for beginners.


Free and no ads

Includes ISL, ASL, and BSL

Fun and interactive learning tools


Limited video content

Navigation could be improved

Does not include New Zealand Sign Language

Download Basics of Sign Language


DEF-ISL Sign Language Apps

With over 50,000 signs, videos, and illustrations, DEF-ISL is great for both deaf and hearing-impaired users. You can use it to communicate with doctors, teach family members, and improve your English. The app helps you understand books and movies better. However, it could use a pause and resume feature for new words and sentences, and there are occasional login issues. Despite these minor drawbacks, DEF-ISL is the best application for anyone looking to learn sign language. If you want to improve your communication skills, try the DEF-ISL app once.


Easy to use with 50,000+ signs and phrases

Helps improve communication and English

Great for both deaf and hearing users

Useful for understanding books and movies

Available on iOS and Android


No pause and resume feature

Occasional login issues

Missing some new words in the dictionary

Download DEF-ISL

9. Sign Language: ASL Kids

Sign Language ASL Kids

ASL Kids is a great app for learning sign language, especially for children. You’ll love how young ASL coaches, aged 1 to 12, teach common signs, finger spelling, and baby sign language. Each sign comes with a big picture and a sound button to help with speech and hearing. My five-year-old niece loves it, and it helps her connect with her deaf mom. The app is simple to use and perfect for beginners. Though it has only 108 signs, it’s a fun and practical way to learn. Give it a try!


Young ASL coaches make learning engaging

Includes big pictures and sound buttons

Simple and easy-to-use interface

Helps with speech and hearing development

Great for kids and beginners

Encourages family learning and bonding


Limited to 108 signs

Missing some common signs and verbs

Occasional technical issues

No categorization of signs

Some demonstrations have poor camera angles

Download Sign Language: ASL Kids

Bottom Line

Learning sign language is a great idea. It opens up a new way to communicate and helps connect the hearing and deaf communities. Plus, it’s fun!

If we missed any great sign language learning apps, then do let us know in the comments.

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