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How to Enable Dark Mode on Android 10

Android 10 introduced a new feature called Dark theme or Dark mode in their latest update. This exciting new feature is not new to Android. Earlier, Google introduced a system-level toggle that switched between light and dark themes. However, it was applicable to certain system UI only and not the apps. But with the latest Android 10 update, now you can turn on dark mode on Instagram, WhatsApp, Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, etc.

Along with Google, even Apple introduced dark mode in iOS 13. For now, the dark mode is only limited to the Android Q update. However, there are rumors that it’ll be updated on the older versions as well. Besides, if you are not patient enough to wait for the update, you can always try with third party custom ROMs. Because most of the custom ROMs like LineageOS, Resurrection Remix, Cyanogenmod, MIUI, etc. support dark mode features.

Enable Android 10 Dark Mode Theme screenshot

So why Android dark theme is important? The reason is that your mobile display is the main villain behind fast battery drain problems. Hence, keeping a low display light will consume less battery power thus extending your battery life. As soon as you enable Android 10 dark mode, the phone system UI changes its color to a completely dark theme. Moreover, this helps to reduce the strain on eyes while using phone, especially in a low light environment.

Furthermore, the dark theme can even help use device during severe headache issues. Most importantly, this feature eliminates the blue light coming from the screen to enhance your viewing experience. Earlier, various third party Android apps did not support night mode. However, with the latest Android Q update, Google introduced a force enable dark mode feature. This enables Android 10 dark mode in each and every app installed on your device.

Android Dark Mode Benefits:

  • It improves battery life and eliminates the blue light from display.
  • It offers a better viewing experience in dim environments.
  • Reduces strain on your eyes causing from the bright display.
  • Helps during continuous use or severe headache.

There are 3 ways to enable dark mode or night mode on Android 10. Let’s check them out.

How to Enable Android 10 Dark Mode Theme

Method 1:

Step 1: Open your phone Settings.

Step 2: Scroll down and click on the Display option.

Enable Android 10 Dark Theme Display Settings screenshot

Step 3: Then, enable the Dark theme mode as shown below.

Enable Android 10 Dark Theme Display Settings screenshot

Enable Android 10 Dark Theme Display Settings screenshot

As soon as you turn on the dark theme, your phone display will turn black. This will confirm that the dark theme is successfully enabled on your phone.

Note: This will enable dark mode on Android 10 system UI only. It’ll not enable a dark theme on every app installed on your mobile. Hence, in order to enable dark mode in all apps, refer the method at the end of this guide.

Method 2:

Step 1: Pull down the notification panel of your phone twice.

Step 2: Click on the pencil icon located at the bottom left corner of the Quick Settings.

Enable Android 10 Dark Theme Quick Settings screenshot

This will open the Edit Quick Settings menu.

Enable Android 10 Dark Theme Notification Panel screenshot

Step 3: Just drag and drop the Dark theme icon to the Quick Settings screen.

Enable Android 10 Dark Theme Quick Settings screenshot

From now on, you don’t need to go through the settings every time. All you need to do is pull down the notification panel and tap on the dark theme icon.

Method 3: (Only For Pixel Phones)

Step 1: Pull down the notification panel of your phone.

Enable Android 10 Dark Mode Theme Battery Saver screenshot

Step 2: Now, simply tap on the Battery Saver mode icon.

Enable Android 10 Dark Mode Theme Battery Saver Pixel screenshot

This will automatically enable dark theme on your phone.

Note: If you don’t see Battery Saver option on your Pixel device, go to Quick settings and drag and drop the icon to your notification panel.

This is how you can turn on the Android 10 dark theme for Google Pixel phones.

How to Force Enable Dark Mode for all Apps in Android 10

Step 1: Firstly, enable Developer options in your phone.

  1. How to Enable Developer Options.

Step 2: In Developer Options, scroll down to the Hardware Accelerated Rendering section.

Enable Android 10 Dark Theme Override Force Dark Mode screenshot

Step 3: Here, Enable Override Force Dark option.

Enable Android 10 Dark Theme Hardware Accelerated Rendering screenshot

Note: For Samsung Phones, this option is named as Force Dark mode instead of Override Force Dark.


That’s it! You’ve successfully enabled Force Dark Mode in all Apps on the Android 10 Q update. Finally, all the apps installed on your phone will have a dark theme. This will indeed improve the visibility of the users who are sensitive to bright light or low light vision.

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