WhatsApp is testing the Message Reactions Feature in New Beta

May 6, 2022

WhatsApp is often slow in implementing new features when compared to its rival. But despite that, the company has managed to stay on top of the game in several regions worldwide. The Meta-owned platform recently added multi-device support to all its users, initially available only to beta users. Meaning you can now simultaneously use WhatsApp on up to four devices. The latest addition to the app is Message Reactions.

For those who are unaware, it is the same feature that WhatsApp rival Telegram implemented a month ago, wherein the user needs to hold down on a message, and a small emoji window pops up. Like other instant messaging (IM) apps, the feature could come in handy while acknowledging a message by giving a thumbs up reaction rather than replying “ok.”

To use WhatsApp message reactions, open any of your chats, tap and hold on to any message, and you should see emojis popping above that message. The emoji popup currently includes six reaction emojis — Like (thumbs up), Love (heart), Laugh (laughing face with tears), Surprised (stunned look), Sad (sorrowful face with a tear in left eye), and Thanks (folded hands). We might see customization options in future updates for adding or removing reactions of our choice in the emoji popup.

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Last month, WABetaInfo shared details about the WhatsApp message reactions feature. The feature was still under development and wasn’t available for users to try. The same source has confirmed that the feature is indeed rolling out and is available to a few beta users. Users should note that since it is a server-side rollout, it is per WhatsApp’s discretion to provide you with the feature-enabled update. Even if you are using a beta version, there is no guarantee you’ll be able to use message reactions just yet. WhatsApp will eventually make the feature ready for all the users if it doesn’t cancel the plan altogether.

WhatsApp message reactions - 6 emojis

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